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‘The Trains’ by Adele Kenny

In read by Nic Sebastian on 10/14/2010 at 08:30

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poem text
1 min 35 secs

  1. A magical poem beautifully read.

  2. So beautiful! It transported me back to a different time.

  3. A superb poem superbly read. Stunning imagery and a powerful sense of the past informing the present. Thank you Adele and Nic!

  4. Wow! It brought me back gently to another place, another time, wrapped in the warmth of sweet memories and the wonder of places unseen, but felt.
    Thank you!

  5. Perfection! A hauntingly beautiful poem, beautifully read.

  6. Some poems stay with you – this is one of them! Thank you Adele and Nic.

  7. Stunning imagery! A major WOW for both the poem and the reader.

  8. Adele, this is exquisite – both the words and the reading of them. Congratulations!!!

  9. Thank you all for visiting, for listening and for the kind words.

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  12. […] ‘The Trains‘ by Adele Kenny […]

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