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‘The Cousin’ by Michael Wells

In read by Nic Sebastian on 10/15/2010 at 08:36

about Michael Wells
poem text
43 secs

  1. Nic~ Thank you so much! Was exciting to hear one of my own poems in your voice. It seems odd to think someone would read a poem better than the poet him/herself could. But you just did!

    • I loved working with this poem, Michael, thanks for letting me read it. Taking the Whale Sound concept to the next level would feature multiple readings of the same poem, I imagine. Since each reader in a manner recreates each poem, that would theoretically result in multiple ‘new’ poems out of one original.

  2. […] About Michael Wells. Michael’s poem on Whale Sound: The Cousin […]

  3. Great reading. I always enjoy your vision and your work Michael.

  4. Thanks Amy. Haven’t seen you in like forever. Let me know when next time you are reading.

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