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‘Infinity’ by Tess Kincaid

In read by Nic Sebastian on 10/25/2010 at 14:18

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  1. Such a dark, rich quality your reading lends to my piece. Haunting, indeed. Thank you so much, Nic.

  2. I enjoyed this poem when I first read it but hearing you read it was simply mesmerizing.

  3. “chop chop.” what a fine moment in a haunting poem.

  4. Hearing you read this poem was haunting — the cadence, the beauty of the words, — all mesmerizing.

  5. Love your stuff Tess… but always appreciate it more when read aloud…Nic has just the right voice for this peace…a bit melancholy.

  6. Lovely to see your poetry here, Tess. An delicious poem!

  7. I loved this poem when I read it. To listen to it adds to my appreciation of its beauty and depth.

    Very nice!

  8. That was beautiful!

  9. I too have read this poem but today I heard it in an entirely different way and now it lives with me stronger than before. Thank you.

  10. Such a visual for this poem. You’re right: there is nothing like hearing it. Sure, reading is nice, but you get a different cadence when it is read aloud. Great job!

  11. Thanks to everyone for listening and commenting – it’s a lovely poem and was a pleasure to read.

  12. Reading it is one thing – hearing it read is another. Excellent.

  13. Love this!

  14. Both the reading and written text leave a lasting impression. Thanks for the gift.

  15. Nic, thanks again for a marvelous experience.

  16. Simply lovely!

  17. So amazing! Well read and beautiful words by our Tess/Willow. LOVE IT!!! what a gift she has.

  18. Dear Nic,
    I am one of Tess’s readers, (although of course her name was a well-kept secret until recently!) – and it is wonderful listening to your reading of her work. I love the idea of Whale Sound, and the sheer encouragement and belief in online poets that is at the heart of your idea.
    I hope you enjoy my words and that you do read them aloud, if only to yourself :)

  19. […] ‘Infinity‘ by Tess Kincaid […]

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