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‘How To Fall In Love’ by Susan Elbe

In read by Nic Sebastian on 11/04/2010 at 12:49

about Susan Elbe
poem text
1 min 45 secs

  1. Terrific poem–and fine reading of it!

  2. Thanks, Robin! I appreciate the listen.

  3. Marvelous thoughts and words put together to express them. Beautiful read, even more fun to listen to, Thank You!

  4. Thanks for listening, Pam, and commenting. It means a lot to have folks acknowledge the work.

  5. what a final line! (i also clicked on the link to the poem and read the others. really nice work, susan.)

  6. Sherry, thank you for taking the time to read the other poems as well. There’s nothing like hearing from your peers about the work!

  7. […] Susan Elbe. Susan’s poem on Whale Sound: How To Fall In Love More Whale Sound poet […]

  8. Another well polished gem from Susan Elbe. I enjoyed the reading and having the text to reread for myself afterward. A lovely website and service.

  9. […] ‘How To Fall In Love‘ by Susan Elbe […]

  10. […] ‘How To Fall In Love‘ by Susan Elbe […]

  11. What a beautiful, rich poem and so beautifully read, too.

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