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‘Nightbird’ by W. F. Lantry

In read by Nic Sebastian on 01/14/2011 at 07:55

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  1. How lovely! In your reading, Nic, I was taken up by the swells and entered a liquid world, helped along in the poem, its structure, by the turns at “but” and “still” and then, even though alerted by the title, I was surprised by the appearance of the nightbird! A wonderful collaboration of writer and reader here.

    Then, delightfully, when I clicked poem text, I was given the opportunity to hear the poet read the poem at Soundzine! And I realized I had listened to it before! Hearing his voice was a different experience of the poem, sort of a record of a personal, inner journey on that outer sea… And I got to take this journey numerous times, each time seeing & hearing different things.

    So today I am thrilled by these reverberations, these mysteries.

  2. “and pilotless boats drifting
    forever on a windless sea”

    What an unforgettable line!

    I also enjoyed the differences in the two readings, liquid and somber.

  3. Thank-you, Kathleen, Kate and Risa, for reading and commenting. Completely agree with you on the ‘pilotless’ line, Risa!

  4. and this struck me in both readings and in my own silent reading of the print:

    blown for a thousand miles
    only to finish here
    with a small singing of stones,

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