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Group reading: ‘Shivering Sands’ by Philip Quinlan

In group reading on 02/07/2011 at 10:36

about Philip Quinlan
poem text
reading by the author

read by Donna Vorreyer
download audio
1 min 20 secs

read by Hans Ostrom
download audio
53 secs

read by Nic Sebastian
download audio
1 min 18 secs


Group reading audio submission guidelines here.

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  1. Thanks Nic, Hans and Donna for taking the time, and for offering 3 quite different interpretations of the poem. Never having heard a poem of mine read by someone else before, I find it instructive to hear how the individual emphases, cadences and phrasings change both the music and the meaning.

    For myself, I’m still learning how to translate what I hear in my head into sound and my readings are always flawed somewhere.

    It’s particularly good to hear female voices reading. No offence to Hans! I just always think I’d do better if I could pitch my voice up a tone or two instead of grumbling.

    Anyway, I enjoyed the experience and I certainly applaud the mission of Whale Sound.

    Thanks again


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