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Group reading: ‘Chokecherry’ by Clayton T. Michaels

In group reading on 02/13/2011 at 10:44

about Clayton T. Michaels
poem text

read by Peter Stephens
download audio
1 min 45 secs

read by Carol Novack
download audio
1 min 39 secs

read by Nic Sebastian
download audio
2 mins

More group readings and group reading submission guidelines here.

  1. I learned more about this poem listening to Caro’s and Nic’s readings. The differences among the three readings were delightful. Nic’s “it keeps the mouth / busy” and even “chokecherry. choke. cherry.” gave me new insight into the poem — though I guess “insight” is the wrong word. I suppose the readings showed me more of what the poem can hold.

    Nic, I recall you saying on Dave’s Woodrat Podcast this past November that you were looking forward to reading more dramatic monologues — to breaking out of reading mostly lyric poems. I think you did a splendid job on this one!

  2. […] poem “chokecherry” has just gotten the group-reading treatment at Whale Sound, an online audio zine curated by Nic Sebastian. For the group reading, Nic is joined by Peter […]

  3. […] can listen to all three readings here. And, of course, you can hear me read the poem as part of the e-version of Watermark by clicking […]

  4. […] Here is a a Peter poem at Whale Sound and there is also where Dave Bonta made it into a video poem. You can also hear Peter reading someone else’s poem in this Whale Sound group reading. […]

  5. […] You can also hear a Whale Sound group reading of one of the poems from the chapbook here. […]

  6. […] did a very nice group reading of ‘chokecherry’ a few months ago that you can listen to here, if you missed it the first time I posted […]

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