celebrating web-active poets

Group Reading

Group readings:

The Interior Lives of Tree-Clinging Birds by Sandy Longhorn
Leveling Up by Johnathon Williams
Chokecherry by Clayton T. Michaels
Shivering Sands by Philip Quinlan
Acceptance is to her a phenomenon by Ann Bogle
The Greatest Sin is to be Unconscious by Ruth Foley
The Slender Scent by James Robison
We Were Engineered to Want by Hannah Stephenson


The Whale Sound group reading series offers three readings of the same poem. If you would like to participate, please send a 1-2 minute MP3 recording of yourself reading another web-active poet‘s work (readings of your own work will not be considered) to nic_sebastian at hotmail dot com. The poet’s permission will be needed to use the piece on Whale Sound, but we will be happy to obtain that permission if your reading is accepted. If accepted, Whale Sound will also record the poem and will identify a third person to make the third recording for the final posting.

  1. […] a general rule, I wouldn’t make too much of this issue. After all, here at Voice Alpha and in Whale Sound group readings, we regularly have a whole bunch of different accents reading the same piece and to […]

  2. […] – website, e-book, PDF and print – most of them free – Coordinated and participated in 8 group readings – Established Voice Alpha, a group blog focusing on the art of reading poetry aloud for an audience […]

  3. […] audio poetry site where I provided readings for the poems submitted (just audio, no text). We did group readings, took third-party submissions and also published audio chapbooks. I loved Whale Sound and the […]

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